Monday, January 8, 2007

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve...

On our second day at Monteverde, we went to the Santa Elena Cloud Forest. It was an incredible experience, some of us had to wear water proof boots because it was really muddy! I'm not the type of person that enjoys this kind of thing, but I went anyway... we Explored the Monteverde Cloud Forest with a guide. He talked about the different types of plants and some of the fauna that lives there. After we were done with the walk, which was about an hour and a half, we had some refreshments at the small cafeteria. Then they showed us a video about the flora and fauna of Costa Rica and its diversity.

All done, we walked a short distance to the "Sky Trek Conopy Tour"... I've done this before and I wasn't interested on doing it again, so I stayed with Anna and Kathy and we did the hanging bridges. It was a very long walk, I thought we would never finish it, but we did!

After all of us were done, we went to a pizzeria which was right in front of the place were we where at. Then took off to a local school to plan a tree. I have to say that I didn't enjoyed this day as I've the past 2, but it was OK!

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