Monday, January 8, 2007

Jacó Beach...

Oh yes! If I was already liking Costa Rica this was what I needed to fall totally in love with it. Jacó (pronounced ha-cO) is located about 90 minutes from San José. On the way there we stopped a few times, first was a beautiful view of the pacific ocean... and then we got to see crocodiles! (for some reason some people kept on calling them alligators, but they weren't).
Then we finally got to Jaco and I honestly felt "at home", the hotel was right in front of the beach, we checked in, had lunch and Wilma, Magalie, Kim and I went straight to the water! Then some other people showed up, we had a great day! Then some of us went and relaxed in the pool... and watched and amazing sunset! After was dinner and ... party time!

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