Sunday, January 7, 2007

It was Monte and it was verde!

Today we left early in the morning after a delicious breakfast at Lavas Tacotal Lodge and checked out. We went for a boat ride around the Arenal Volcano area. Before going on the boat ride, some of the guys went into the Arenal Volcano National Park to look for a GEO cache in the bushes. I stayed on the bus with some other people. For those who don't know what a is, you can log on to the official website When they came back we went for the boat ride, it was raining and for a moment the sun would come out and the rain again. It was a really beautiful view!

Since the weather wasn't helping much, Luz came up with some was FUN we enjoyed Jose doing the “chicken dance”, Wilma dancing and singing around the boat “Too Sexy for my Love” and a some more people just having fun.

When the boat ride was over, we continued our way to Monteverde. After driving on the narrow roads of Costa Rica (which I like to call the Costa Rican roller coaster Ride) we finally got there and checked in to our third hotel Los Cipreses.

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