Saturday, January 6, 2007

Wet and Wild!

January 5, 2007
Well wet and wild and that's for sure... whitewater rafting at Sarapiqui River!
The day started out raining, I thought the river wasn't safe for whitewater rafting; so I asked our guide Jose Salazar, he said that it was OK because it was not raining on the mountains.
So off we were to Sarapiqui River, on the way some of us tried to find "ideal" sandals for the journey. Since we could not wear flip-flops, we went from supermarket to supermarket , until all of us found the sandals. I have to say mine were not my size but they did the job. After the whitewater rafting I had to trow them away!
When we got there, we met our instructor Brian who was the guy in charge of the whitewater rafting. He explained safety procedures, etc.
There were 3 boats, about 5-6 people on each plus the guide. This was my second time water rafting and it was a great experience, I had so much fun! On the way down the river we got to see different birds, and even got the chance to jump in the water and swim around for a while. Then we were done, we had lunch and left!
Just when we thought the fun was over, Jose said: "we are here"... Baldi Hot Springs!!!
These natural springs and geysers are the result of the volcanic activity of Mount Arenal, which the springs are located directly below and are fed by. It has different pools, all at slightly different temperatures surrounded of beautiful views of the mountain and jungle.
I've to say this was the first time I had experience something like this, I just have no words to describe how good it feels! You have to go and find out for yourself!

Here are some pictures! Enjoy...

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